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Sparky Buzz Feed – Your Week In Geek
Elon Musk reveals his ambitious plan to send 1 million people to colonize mars through his SpaceX program
– Porn company xHamster pays $25k for a sex tape of Alexis Arquette after her recent death and destroys it
– Gullible iPhone 7 users drilling holes in their iPhones after watchingYouTuber TechRax drill a 3.5 mm hole into the bottom of his phone. Apparently they never watched any of his other uploads…

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Phenomaggedon – Rising Phenoms

BARKY FUZZSPEED – where we geek on your week
– More exploding Samsung Mobile devices! Their new washers which have been built with weak support rods that are breaking while spinning at 1800 RPMS and sending shrapnel into the room
– Scientists after much experimenting and combining of 25 different rhinoviruses may have created a vaccine that has been effective in preventing the common cold in mice by creating antiviral antibodies
Greg Rucka confirms that Wonder Woman is queer

– One Punch Man season 2 confirmed via their official twitter
– New Zoids project teased on Takara Tomy‘s website
Neil Patrick Harris reveals that the new Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events will be much darker. With each book to be put into two 60 minute episodes
Adventure Time will be officially ending in 2018 after 9 season!!! Wooooo!! In addition to the Regular Show
Disney reveals The Lion King live-action remake with Jon Favreau to direct after his success with The Jungle Book

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