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Sparky Buzz Feed – Your Week In Geek
–  Blizzard releasing StarCraft HD in September
Microsoft won’t replenish stock of 2TB Xbone s as they want to maintain a higher profit margin. Cheap bastards
– New service, goPuff brings Plan B One-Step Pregnancy Pill and bath bombs to your door for the girl who is just to damn hungover to go to the store
– With the RIO Olympics underway, Michael Phelps has become the most decorated olympian of all time. Most recently winning two gold medals 75 minutes apart. The US having a total of 16 medals and 38 total leading in both, over on the 21st
– Former NSA – National Security Agency contractor turned whistle-blower,Edward Snowden (Wikileaks) tweeted a cryptic 64 character tweet before going missing

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Today’s Paramount – “Smoothe Boris”

BARKY FUZZSPEED – where we geek on your week
Perseid meteor shower tonight. Earth will be passing through the tail remnants of Comet Swift–Tuttle that passes through our system every 133 years
– First ever all american eclipse happening August 21st with the longest darkest point happening in Hopkinsville, KY for a full 2 min 30 sec
– In the arctic waters of Lyakhovsky Islands Russian scientists are claiming to have discovered pieces of mammoth skin preserved under Siberian permafrost for more than ten millennia
– Smart thermostats can now get Ransomware, announced at the DEFCON Hacking Conference in Las Vegas. Yay

Brazzers creates first Pokémon GO porn parody
Rocko’s Modern Life returning to Nickelodeon for one hour special but no release date yet
Supergirl on The CW and The Flash crossover for musical episode with both Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin
– New Resident Evil movie titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and has Alice going back Raccoon City
– New Ghostbusters movie suffers $70+ million loss and is not getting sequel
Jason Momoa in talks about The Crow reboot
George R.R. Martin is partnering with NBC who has acquired the rights to adapt his anthology Wild Cards
Man of Steel sequel is in active development with Henry Cavill to return as Superman

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